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Which senior living option is best for you?

If you’re nearing retirement and are like more and more seniors, you’re probably taking a good look at senior living options. Or maybe your aging loved one needs some extra help with daily activities and you think a senior living community would be the best place for them to thrive. Either way, it raises an important question: What type of senior living community is best for you?

There are many differences between independent living, assisted living, and memory care because each living option is designed for people with specific abilities and needs.

Finding the right lifestyle
Independent Living

Independent living is for people who could live on their own but choose to enjoy the conveniences of living where services and amenities like housekeeping, transportation, dining, laundry, security, and social activities are offered.

If you can answer yes to these questions, then independent living is right for you:

  • Are you an independent and active senior?
  • Can you manage your personal care needs?
  • Can you manage your own medications safely?
  • Are you intending to maintain your active lifestyle?
Assisted Living

Adults and their aging loved ones who struggle with some of the hustle and bustle of daily life often find they need the support of an assisted living community. Here, daily chores are taken care of and additional assistance is offered for things like medication management, dressing, bathing, and grooming.

These questions can help you decide if assisted living is the right choice for your loved one:

  • Do you see signs that your loved one is finding the activities of daily life – bathing, dressing, managing medications – more challenging?
  • Are you concerned about their personal care and safety?
  • Have they fallen? Has it happened more than once?
  • Are they having trouble preparing meals for themselves? Are you concerned about their dietary needs being met?
  • Are they mobile enough to safely move inside and outside the house?
  • Do they seem like they are becoming isolated?
Memory Care

Memory care is the term for specialized care for adults with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. Memory care programs benefit from new innovations and research relevant to Alzheimer’s and are effective ways to maintain the quality of life of residents.

Ask yourself these questions and consult with your doctor to determine if your loved one would benefit from a memory care program:

  • Do they need around-the-clock supervision?
  • Are they exhibiting difficult behaviors like Sundowner’s syndrome, aggression, or wandering off?
  • Would they benefit from programs and activities that are designed to keep them engaged?
Finding the right senior living community

If you or a loved one can answer yes to any of these questions, then we’re confident Heartis® is the right place for you to feel at home.

  • Do you enjoy being a part of a community?
  • Are you interested in activities like day trips and music events?
  • Do you like learning new things?
  • Are you attracted to a lifestyle with unlimited options of things to do, all within a stone’s throw?
  • Would you feel better knowing that licensed healthcare professionals are readily available, seven days a week?

For more information about Heartis Senior Living communities, contact us.