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Making the Move Into Senior Living Before It’s Too Late

August 1, 2019

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Yes – it is possible to move into senior living “too late.” That is, if you take “too late” to mean “until you have a health scare that necessitates you to quickly move into senior living, causing you and your family undue anxiety and stress.” We don’t want to be Negative Nellies, but the fact is that many seniors and their families don’t consider moving into Assisted Living or Memory Support until the need becomes extremely pressing.

“Most seniors want to stay in their homes for as long as possible as they age, which is a fine idea if you’re able-bodied and can live independently with very little help,” says Veronica Rudychev, Executive Director of Heartis Village North Shore, an Assisted Living and Memory Support community in Glendale, WI. “This means that, as a senior needs more and more help, it slowly creeps up on them and their families until something major happens, like a fall or an illness. At that time, it may be decided that senior living is the best possible option – but that decision comes at a price, because you may not have time to properly vet communities to find the right one for you.”

Veronica says that the answer is moving to senior living before it’s “needed.” “There are many great reasons to move to senior living ‘early,’ and not just because you can avoid a messy health scare,” she says. “Senior living communities these days are a bit like five-star resorts for the 65+ crowd. In fact, we have many residents at Heartis Village North Shore that wish they’d moved to our community sooner.”

The Benefits of Moving “Early”

It’s not so much that you’re moving to senior living before it’s needed, says Veronica. “Think of it more like moving to a community so that you can age in place in your home,” she says. “By making the move to an Assisted Living community while you’re still fairly independent, you don’t have to battle the stress that comes as you require more and more assistance. Instead, you’ll be able to stay right where you are and receive care that’s tailored to your needs – without fuss, without any lengthy coordination.”

By moving to a community before you have a life-changing event, you also have the opportunity to get to know the community, form relationships with staff members and make friends. It can be difficult to be the “new kid” somewhere, but if you’re able to get out, participate in activities and be a part of life at the community, it can make the transition a whole lot easier.

As we already mentioned, being in a senior living community can help you age in place, but it also can help you keep from aging – at least, in a sense. Studies have found that individuals who move into a senior living community are happier, healthier and have a greater sense of well-being. They also are able to stay independent longer, and can retain their abilities for longer. No one knows exactly why that is, but it could be due in part to the fact that residents can take advantage of fitness classes, balanced nutrition and plenty of engaging social and intellectual activities.

Another reason to make a move now is so that you have more choice and more say in the matter. “It’s possible that, if you need a space immediately, you won’t be able to go with your first choice or get a space that’s right for your needs,” says Veronica. If you give yourself time, however, you’re more able to get on the waiting lists on the communities you want as well as the size or layout of apartment you desire. “If you’re going to all the effort to move, you may as well get what you want instead of settling for what’s available,” she says.

Nourishing Your Mind, Body and Soul

Here’s a factor to consider: “wellness” means much more than just having your physical needs taken care of. Aging well means looking at all the dimensions of wellness, from physical to mental to spiritual to occupational and many more. If you’re rushing to find a community to meet your immediate physical needs and safety, you may not think about or consider the importance of a community’s well-rounded approach to health.

Having this flexibility will allow you or your loved one’s continuum of care to flow more easily and more seamlessly. You’ll be able to find a place that suits your personality, your interests and your passions instead of just choosing a place that meets your physical needs at that moment. It also means you can think about what you need both now and in the future.

Veronica says that Heartis Village believes that moving into a community like theirs is a step that should be applauded and celebrated. “Aging is a natural step in the journey of life, but just because you’re older doesn’t mean you have to slow down,” she says. “There are still plenty of opportunities to live an active, full and meaningful life – in fact, it may be easier than ever because you finally have all the spare time you want and need.”

In fact, says Veronica, you’ll find you have even more spare and leisure time than you do right now. “At Heartis Village, we take an all-inclusive approach, which means our residents not only receive the highest care possible, but they also have a maintenance-free lifestyle,” she says. “No longer do you have to do chores, home maintenance, laundry or even cooking if you don’t want to. Everything at our community, all our services and amenities, have been designed to accomplish one thing: make the lives of our residents as carefree and enjoyable as possible. We invite you to see why the right time to move to senior living is right now.”

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Offering Assisted Living and A Knew Day® Memory Support, Heartis Village North Shore in Glendale, WI, has a unique perspective on senior living that not only changes minds, it changes lives.

At Heartis Village North Shore, we believe that moving to a senior living community is a natural step in the journey of life – one that should be celebrated. After all, while one may need care to continue living an independent lifestyle, the desire to lead a full, active and meaningful life doesn’t diminish. This is why we provide an enriching lifestyle where it’s our purpose and pleasure to help residents Be Inspired. Every Day!

Offering one- and two-bedroom floor plans, studio apartments and the security and peace of mind of 24-hour support complemented by award-winning VIVA!SM programming by Pathway to Living®, farm-to-table dining, using fresh, flavorful and nutritious ingredients, programming designed around the seven dimensions of wellness: social, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, physical, occupational and environmental and so much more, Heartis Village provides our residents with the best of both worlds – the exceptional care they need with the inspiring lifestyle they deserve.