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SOAR Memory Care

The SOAR memory care program is built upon research and our belief that everyone’s memory holds immeasurable value. We weave past and present memories into residents’ daily lives, as we celebrate their memories and forge new moments of connection and hope. Through individualized care, residents experience tranquility, support, and the opportunity to create new memories that bring comfort, joy, and a renewed sense of purpose … and hope.

Our programming prioritizes the individual needs and preferences of each resident, ensuring that their care is tailored to their unique strengths and interests. We are committed to maintaining each resident’s dignity and independence while engaging fully with each individual’s life.

Our partnership with The Neuroscience of Memory, Mood & Aging Lab at Rice University has guided the design of our SOAR interactive life skills stations, Purpose Points and Signature Programs. The innovations we are making together ensure that our residents living with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia are able to achieve moments of joy throughout each day.

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SOAR Signature Programs

At Heartis Mid Cities, our holistic approach to care is designed to ignite cognitive engagement and promote well-being and socialization.

Having an optimistic outlook decreases the risk of major illness, so residents start each day with good news stories, words of appreciation, meaningful discussion and friendship.

Studies show that people with cognitive impairment experience less cognitive decline over time when introduced to intellectual enrichment programs. So, in SOAR, we conduct classes personalized to residents’ interests.

Creating meaningful, one-on-one moments is necessary to establish relationships with people diagnosed with memory loss. Our team engages residents with 30-second “in-between” calendar activities to support connection and build self-esteem.

Every afternoon, our team works on decreasing anxiety by creating a calm, peaceful environment for residents through sensory programs utilizing music and aromatherapy.

Studies have found that older adults at high risk of Alzheimer’s who perform 30 minutes of moderate exercise five days a week have fewer memory and cognitive challenges. Heartis Mid Cities residents enjoy workouts, movement therapy and hand-eye coordination games throughout the day.

Heartis Mid Cities seeks out local organizations to support and partner with in honor of our SOAR residents, families and team members.

Purpose Points

We know that it’s important for residents to maintain a sense of purpose, especially since this can lead to positive effects in changing cognitive function. That’s why we created areas that highlight our Purpose Points:

Recall memories of parenthood, and spark feelings and habits of caregiving and nurturing.

Start new workshop projects, fix up old cars, or find something enjoyable that provides therapy for the mind and body. 

Shoot hoops, take a trip to the ballpark, watch a favorite team take on their biggest rival, or join a friendly pickup game.

Perform common household tasks, from sorting, hanging and organizing clothes to emptying or cleaning detergent containers.

Enjoy the bounty of hours spent in the garden. Keep active and awaken thoughts of good times passed.

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Services & Amenities
  • Choose between a private studio apartment or shared suite featuring well-lit rooms, soothing colors, and beloved, familiar items that convey a homey warmth and comfort for residents.
  • Benefit from the assistance of our superior health care providers with daily activities, such as getting dressed in the morning or preparing for bed, while our care team respects your dignity and independence.
  • Gain complete peace of mind with access to 24-hour support and care, where every individual feels seen, heard and deeply valued.
  • Enjoy three delicious, nutritionally balanced meals each day served in a well-lit dining area, free of distractions. Table arrangements are personalized to each diner’s needs, and our compassionate servers help create a top-restaurant experience.
  • Take a walk in the enclosed courtyard or enjoy some quiet time in our raised gardens. Residents can soak up the calm of Heartis Mid Cities while reminiscing about memories passed.
  • Experience true tranquility and treat yourself to time in the Refresh Salon and Spa, or relax in Tarrant Studio, our soothing multisensory room.