A Spooky and Special Halloween

December 13, 2021

The Heartis® community enjoyed a memorable day of Halloween fun, including a costume contest and creative murder mystery dinner. These celebrations show that it is no mystery why our residents and team members love calling Heartis home!


My name is Katie Warren. I’m the IL activities director, and today it is obviously clear that I am your royal highness, Queen Elizabeth. Here I have Pogo with me to keep me company for the day and to bring joy to the residents that I come by. So our Halloween contest every year is basically just a fun way to get all the residents involved and the staff, and it just really is a good morale booster. And plus dressing up is fun all the time.

My name is Jeremy Partlow. I’m the Executive Director for Heartis. Today at Heartis we had our annual Halloween costume contest. And what we do during that time is we have our residents as well as our staff that dress up, and this just gives them an opportunity to really come together and really find a way to intermingle together. It’s just a way for residents and staff to really just have a great time together. So this year we wanted to do a murder mystery dinner theater for our residents. We had myself and all of the directors in the building that participated – we had an absolutely great time. I ended up getting killed in the theater, but all the directors came in, participated in it, and the residents seem to have had a fantastic time. I had about five residents ask me, “So when are we doing this again?” So I’m gonna start planning my next murder mystery! And I think the next time we’re gonna have some of the residents be the characters as well, so that’ll be really fun.

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