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6 Ways Pathway to Living Inspires Seniors Every Day

August 14, 2019

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If you think that all senior living communities are the same old, same old, we challenge you to think a little differently. A little outside-the-box. A little more inventive … and a lot more inspired. At Heartis Village of Brookfield, we have a perspective on senior living that doesn’t just change minds. It changes lives.

“Our unique approach to what senior living can be comes from the philosophy of our parent company, Pathway to Living,” says Terri Geppner, Director of Community Development of Heartis Village of Brookfield in Brookfield, WI. “At our community, which offers Assisted Living and A Knew Day® Memory Support, our residents live, laugh, love and enjoy a lifestyle where they’re inspired … every day.”

What does that mean, exactly? Terri says that it can mean anything you want. It can mean taking a yoga class in the morning, painting in the courtyard in the afternoon or going out to the symphony in the evening. It’s all about choice … and the choice is all yours.

“Being inspired means having a maintenance-free, worry-free lifestyle with a plethora of activities, services and events to choose from,” she says. “It means being able to relax, knowing that you’re surrounded by caring professionals who are there to help celebrate and applaud you through this new chapter of your life. It means a community that’s focused on your full-body health and wellness so you can live the retirement life you want and deserve.”

Ways Our Unique Approach Inspires Seniors Every Day
The Pathway to Living® approach is rooted in the philosophy of transforming the way society thinks about aging and senior living. You’ll see this the instant you walk through the doors of Heartis Village of Brookfield. Everywhere you turn, everywhere you look you’ll see VIVA! at work. VIVA!SM is the concept that every stage of life should be celebrated. It’s about creating purpose-filled, passionate lives every day. We accomplish that by inspiring residents and families through our programming, our activities, our building and our community at large.

Our innovative design is a beautiful place to live
Heartis Village of Brookfield has been custom-built to meet the needs of our senior residents and make life more convenient, more secure and more comfortable. Everything has been designed with an eye towards beauty, luxury and convenience. You’ll find warm, welcoming common spaces, easy-to-navigate hallways and paths and state-of-the-art technologies to make life easier. We provide the backdrop that allows you to play out this next great stage of life.

Life is carefree … and chore-free
What’s more inspiring than never having to do chores again? At Heartis Village of Brookfield, our residents enjoy a truly maintenance-free life. No more cooking, cleaning, home repairs or laundry…we take care of everything, giving you all the free time you want to pursue a passion, pick up a new hobby, volunteer your time or travel far and wide … whatever it is that inspires and moves you.

You’ll have true independence and peace of mind
As we mentioned before, it’s all about choice at Heartis Village of Brookfield. This means you can tailor life the way you want … and always have the assistance and help you need to live as independently as possible. Heartis Village of Brookfield offers both Assisted Living and Memory Support services on-campus, so you’ll always be able to remain here and age in place in a comfortable, safe manner.

The social opportunities (and friendships) are seemingly endless
Sure, we’re senior living, but above all, we’re a senior living community. Assisted Living at Heartis Village of Brookfield provides you with an immediate home with instant friends and “family” who share the same interests, hobbies and passions (and, oh yeah – who are in the same stage of life) as you. As soon as you enter our doors, you’ll find new friends at water aerobics, at your breakfast table, on your daily walk and everywhere else. Be as social as you like. Find new friends every day, if you wish. That’s just what life is like here thanks to Pathway to Living.

You’ll stay healthy mind, body and soul
Wellness means much more than staying physically active. At Heartis Village of Brookfield, we use the VIVA! approach to nurture and uplift your mind, body and soul through the seven dimensions of wellness. VIVA! is an approach that encourages senior residents to live every day as an adventure through meaningful, intriguing and uplifting programming. Here are just some of the ways we help residents Be Inspired. Every Day.
Our Pathway to Living® approach includes health programs like yoga and tai chi, mental challenges like brain puzzles and wellness programs that encourage healthy habits and promote better living.
What activities and programs interest you? By adopting an approach of lifelong learning,our residents stay young at heart and ready for new opportunities every day. From book clubs to art classes, to storytelling lessons, gardening and anything else that inspires you, VIVA! keeps residents happy and engaged at every age and every stage.
From a fitness center that provides exercise and fitness classes for the whole body, to a wellness center with screenings and care to a lifestyle that inspires, you’ll find so many ways to be well each and every day.

Your tastebuds will be delighted at every meal
Did someone say delicious dining? Heartis Village at Brookfield is here to serve. Our professional in-house chef, kitchen staff and nutritionists use the freshest ingredients to create nutritionally balanced culinary masterpieces three times a day. With rotating options and a personalized touch (let us know if there’s something you want, or if you have special dietary concerns), dining becomes transformed into an art.

“Heartis Village of Brookfield truly adopts the Pathway to Living approach to help seniors Be Inspired. Every Day!” says Terri. “Every day is filled with new adventures and opportunities to achieve your goals and dreams. This is the time of your life, and we can’t wait to help you live the lifestyle you deserve.”

We Would Love to Hear from You!
If you have comments or questions about Heartis Village of Brookfield or our signature VIVA! Programming, we’d love to hear from you. Just call 262-422-6591.

Be Inspired. Every Day.
Opening Late 2019!

Offering Assisted Living and A Knew Day® Memory Support, Heartis Village of Brookfield in Milwaukee, WI, has a unique perspective on senior living that changes minds … and changes lives.

While many people think all senior living communities are the same, that couldn’t be further from the truth. At Heartis Village of Brookfield, you’ll notice our difference right away. We believe that moving to a senior living community is a natural step in life’s journey that should be celebrated and supported. That’s why we provide an enriching lifestyle where our residents can Be Inspired. Every Day!

The desire to lead a full, active and meaningful life never diminishes, even if we need care to live an independent lifestyle. So our signature Assisted Living and A Knew Day® Memory Support provides our residents with everything they need to experience an engaging lifestyle. What does that mean, exactly? It means…
● Enjoying a lifestyle free from worries with services, amenities, dignity and independence
● Experiencing choice and convenience with an array of floor plans, programming and more
● Focusing on health and wellness – physically, mentally and emotionally
● Having the support of caring professionals who believe aging is a process that should be celebrated and applauded
Offering a variety of apartment floor plans, award-winning VIVA!SM programming by Pathway to Living®, delicious dining options, programming designed around the seven dimensions of wellness and so much more, Heartis Village of Brookfield provides Assisted Living and Memory Support residents with the best of both worlds – the inspiring lifestyle they deserve with the exceptional care they need.

For more information, please call us at 262-422-6591.