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The Benefit of Exercise for a Senior with Alzheimer’s

Female doctor assisting woman in lifting dumbbells at park

Exercise is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves. It’s an easy and drug-free way to improve our health, well-being and longevity. For seniors with a form of dementia like Alzheimer’s disease, it can also be an excellent tool for reducing challenging behaviors. “Exercise has many benefits for…Read More »

Heartis Village of Orland Park Celebrates One Year Anniversary

Bedroom scene displaying a made bed with serving tray on the bed. A Dresser with photos and sculptures with a mirror avbove it. Two paintings on the wall above the bed.

Get ready for a swinging celebration at the most innovative and exciting Assisted Living and Memory Support community in Orland Park. Heartis Village of Orland Park is holding a “Swing Into Spring” Anniversary Celebration ... and you’re invited! “We’ve had a great first year providing assisted living and A Knew…Read More »

5 Tips for Traveling with a Loved One with Dementia This Holiday

Grandfather and grandson outdoors on a bench talking

Caregivers know it can be difficult enough getting through the day-to-day with a loved one with dementia. Throwing holiday travel into the mix may seem like an impossible task. Still, you know it’s important for your loved one (and yourself!) to see family and friends this time of year. What’s…Read More »

The Difference Between Age-Related Memory Loss and Dementia: What You Need to Know

Happy senior couple dancing waltz and smiling

“I swear, I’d lose my head if it weren’t screwed on,” your mom laughs as she realizes that her keys are not lost but are instead in the cupholder of the car. “Oh, I’m just having one of those senior moments,” says your father when he forgets why he walked…Read More »

Beat the Winter Blues

Senior man throwing a snowball

The colder months – and all they bring with them – are just around the corner. Shorter days. Longer nights. Snow, ice and freezing rain. Fewer opportunities to get out of the house. All these factors can leave us cooped up, isolated from friends, fun and activity. Loneliness is especially…Read More »

How Senior Living Communities Support and Maintain Family Relationships

Happy daughter moving her mother into a senior living community

  Being a family caregiver is not an easy role to take on. Besides having your own life and responsibilities to maintain, suddenly you find yourself taking on another huge obligation: caring for an aging family member experiencing a decline in his or her health. As critical of a role…Read More »

Alzheimer’s Communication Tips

Woman comforting and communicating with her mother with Alzheimer’s

When faced with an Alzheimer’s diagnosis, you may encounter many different roadblocks when providing care for a family member. One of the most common issues is how to effectively communicate with the individual living with the condition. People afflicted with Alzheimer's might begin to forget stories, forget where they are…Read More »

5 Myths About Assisted Living Communities

Seniors laughing together in their assisted senior living community

After you or a family member make the decision to move to an assisted living facility, there may be some apprehension about what to expect throughout the transition. After researching different communities, there may be even more questions or concerns, like what kind of lifestyle residents lead and whether life…Read More »

Senior-Friendly Walking Tours in Chicago

Senior group walking on a tour in Chicago

Walking tours are a great way to go out and explore areas on foot. You get to enjoy a little physical activity, touring at your own pace, while seeing some interesting sights and attractions. Unlike conventional guided tours that charge money per person, by going out on your own you’re…Read More »

The Difference Between Normal Memory Loss and Dementia

Happy senior woman with her caregiver in the outdoors

Memory loss is a normal part of the aging process. A little forgetfulness isn't anything to be too concerned about, however, when you begin to forget important things like taking medication or attending doctor appointments, it might be more than just normal memory loss. As your mind and body change,…Read More »

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