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Senior Housing 101: Aging in Place vs. Assisted Living

As we enter our senior years – or even before – we have a vision of how we’d like to spend our old age. For the majority of seniors, that future takes place in our own homes – a place where we feel comfortable, secure and happy. Oftentimes, however, we don’t think about...Read More »

Medication Management for Seniors: A Guide About Keeping Your Loved One Safe

Polypharmacy – the use of multiple medications at once – is pretty much a way of life for seniors. According to various studies, 87 percent of older adults take at least one prescription drug while 36 percent take five or more. Thirty-eight percent of seniors take over-the-counter medications, meaning that many...Read More »

5 Tips for Keeping Seniors Healthy Through the Holidays

Keeping senior loved ones healthy and happy is important at any time of the year, but doubly so during the holidays. That’s because due to the number of parties, festive events and schedule changes, it’s easy to let healthy habits slide … making it hard to get back on track...Read More »

A Knew Day® for Dementia Care Residents: Our Signature Approach to Memory Care

When you think of Memory Care, what do you imagine? A delicious meal served in a warm, bustling and cheerful kitchen? An afternoon spent relaxing and visiting friends and family in a sunny living room? A restorative stroll through a sensory garden, taking in the sights and sounds of nature?...Read More »

Heartis North Shore Is a 2018 HREI Insights Awards Finalist

We are proud to be a finalist for the Healthcare Real Estate Insights™ magazine national awards recognizing excellence in the areas of healthcare real estate, development, financing and investment!

Learn more about the awards and congratulations to the other finalists!

...Read More »

The Importance of Socialization for a Vibrant Lifestyle

As human beings, we are social animals. We live in families, create a circle of friends and join communities, even from as early as childhood. That need for support, love and company doesn’t go away as we get older. In fact, the need for a healthy social life actually increases...Read More »

7 Ways Senior Living Promotes Nutrition

Food plays such an important role in our lives. We gather around the table with family for holidays and other important events. We spend time with friends grabbing coffee for a quick chat. It’s the fuel we use to power our bodies and it tastes good! There’s a lot of...Read More »

9 Ways Pathway to Living® Promotes an Uplifting Lifestyle

Close your eyes and imagine for a minute what the perfect senior living lifestyle looks like for you. Perhaps on Monday you start your day with a brisk jog, then spend the afternoon working in the garden, and finally round the day out by learning a new cooking technique. On...Read More »

Pathway To Great Living: What Makes Heartis Village North Shore Unique?

What makes a senior living community unique? Is it the features? The amenities? The location? For Heartis Village North Shore in Glendale, WI, the answer is “all of the above”…and then some!

Opening in early 2019, Heartis Village North Shore is located about nine miles north of Milwaukee. It will feature 105...Read More »