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6 Ways Pathway to Living Inspires Seniors Every Day

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If you think that all senior living communities are the same old, same old, we challenge you to think a little differently. A little outside-the-box. A little more inventive ... and a lot more inspired. At Heartis Village of Brookfield, we have a perspective on senior living that doesn’t just…Read More »

5 Tips for Choosing a Senior Living Apartment Floor Plan That Meets Your Needs

Floorplan schematic with a large smiley face imposed above it.

You’ve made the big decision to move to a senior living community. Now comes the fun part (at least, that’s what we think) ... finding a floor plan that works for your needs and your lifestyle. Making the right decision isn’t always easy, though, especially if you’re downsizing in preparation…Read More »

Is Memory Support Right for My Aging Loved One?

Grandmother and granddaughter smiling looking at a tablet computer

Humans are problem-solvers by nature – something that has served us well over the ages. When something serious happens in our lives, like an accident or a diagnosis of serious illness, we naturally react by making plans and hitting the ground running. It’s easier to react this way when a problem…Read More »

Everything You Need to Know About Assisted Living Services

Two women laughing and holding hands on a couch while one woman points a television remote.

When you hear the words “Assisted Living,” what do you think? Do you think of what older generations would call a “nursing home?” Or do you think of a place where you can live your retirement years to the fullest – a place filled with social activities and cultural events? A…Read More »

How Our Perspective on Senior Living Changes Minds and Lives

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What do the words “senior living” conjure up for you? Close your eyes and imagine for yourself the quintessential “senior living lifestyle.” Do you imagine a slow-paced, quiet community where not much is going on? Does it make you think of bedtime by 8 p.m. and endless rounds of bingo?…Read More »

Waukesha County’s Newest Senior Living Community: Heartis Village of Brookfield

Rendering of future Heartis location.

Waukesha County seniors will soon be able to experience a unique senior living experience that doesn’t just change minds. It changes lives. Opening in Late 2019, Heartis Village of Brookfield will open its doors, offering Assisted Living and Memory Support services to area seniors. It’s a community designed to celebrate…Read More »